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Infusing cannabis firms with Fortune 500 expertise.

Our Process


Canna-Consulting leverages a management consulting model to address the unique and often challenging aspects of the cannabis industry. These challenges include state and local regulation and a thriving legal and illegal competitive landscape.

We collaborate with our clients to analyze their business, strategize on the best path forward, and develop a comprehensive action plan to execute the strategy. 



In order to better understand your business’s needs, our experienced team interviews your firm’s stakeholders. Next, we conduct a detailed analysis of financial and operational data.

Together with management, we review these findings and recommendations to ensure we’re all on the same page when it comes to the scope of work.   

We refer to the completion of this milestone as REVIEW. REFINE. GO!


We use our analysis to determine the most strategic path forward for a specific project or for the company as a whole. This leads to the development of strategic objectives and a financial forecast that supports short- and long-term objectives.      

A strategic plan is generated with priorities guided by a combination of research, analysis and the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We ensure that this plan is in line with team, department, and company goals. 

The final plan includes financial goals and metrics to ensure accountability.



At Canna-Consulting, we don’t simply provide strategies – we also offer to help clients through the execution of the strategies they select. Our role will vary based on what the client prefers, typically ranging from advisor to project lead. 

We take pride in supporting our clients through the execution phase. To ensure that they’re on track to meet their goals, we partner with clients to review and refine the plan as needed. 

We believe successful execution is the litmus test for a rewarding engagement for all parties.


We offer support to businesses navigating the uncertainty of the emerging cannabis industry. Our service offering provides cannabis businesses with management consulting and capital introductions to support their business goals.

The consulting arm of our practice assists clients with developing sound business and decision-making practices. In addition to strategy-setting, we offer support during the execution phase of the strategy.

Because of the nature of the cannabis industry, your access to traditional financing is likely limited. Canna-Consulting offers to facilitate capital introductions, which can open up a world of start-up and expansion opportunities. 

In a Meeting


Canna-Consulting consists of a virtual team of consultants with extensive experience in cultivation, distribution, and retail cannabis business lines. Among other things, our areas of expertise include:

  • Investor documents

  • Application services

  • Vertical integration

  • Trace & track software selection

  • Facility renovation

  • Cash flow management

  • Project management



Looking for an investor for your cannabis venture? Canna-Consulting has assembled a group of private equity, family offices, and venture capital investors that are interested in funding cannabis businesses.

After a business owner successfully completes our vetting process, we arrange a meeting between the investor and the business owner. Funding levels typically range between $1 million and $30 million.


About Us


Canna-Consulting is a virtual cannabis consultancy that offers a range of consulting services and in-depth cannabis industry knowledge to businesses in this emerging, exciting market.

We know that businesses in the cannabis industry face a unique set of organizational and business issues, from legal difficulties to social stigma to practical hurdles. With our experience and expertise, we can help you tackle those issues and meet your business’s goals.

We at Canna-Consulting have a diverse team of seasoned professionals with decades of Fortune 500, NASDAQ, and non-profit expertise. Our team members have worked for some of the most recognizable global firms, including Honeywell, Charles Schwab, Nestlé, United Airlines, Autodesk, and Genentech. This experience, coupled with cannabis-specific expertise, makes us uniquely positioned to help businesses in the cannabis space.

In addition to our virtual team, we partner with businesses and organizations to support the strategic and day-to-day operations of our clients.

Our role in your engagement doesn't stop after developing a strategic plan or recommendations. Instead, we support clients through the entire execution phase. Want to experience the expertise of Canna-Consulting for yourself? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Oakland, California

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Howard L. Green

Founder & CEO

Oakland, California

In an uncertain space like the cannabis industry, business owners need quality support and advice to help them navigate the unique hurdles they face.

With years of experience in executive roles at Fortune 500 and NASDAQ companies, Howard Green honed the skills needed to lead, advise, and manage large companies. He later joined a cannabis business and was tasked with overseeing corporate strategy, compliance with new laws, and the development of the company.

This led him to found Canna-Consulting in 2018, where he uses his combination of experience in traditional corporate environments, as well as the cannabis industry, to advise and support the owners and executives of cannabis companies.

R. Mack, MS, MBA

Industrial Engineer

Atlanta, Georgia

S. Ferguson


Johannesburg, South Africa

S. Wright


London, England

B. Chen, CPA


San Jose, California

P. Peng, P.Eng

Computer Engineer

Toronto, Ontario

The Team

Collective Corporate Experience

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